3 days in London - city guide

It has been a while since I wrote a long blogpost, because I have been extremly busy studying and trying to get through my daily to do list without any complications. But today I am really excited to tell you about my weekend-trip to London.

Together with a really good friend I spent 4 nights and 3 full days in London and it was simply amazing. We were really lucky to enjoy warm and sunny weather and nothing could have went better. I thought the best idea to structure all my experiences and recommendations is just focusing on different aspects and telling you about all the must-sees. I hope I can help you a little bit and you get an idea of how beautiful this trip was.


I personally am not really a fan of big hotels and prefer living in smaller and more local homes, so AirBnB is my go-to platform if I am looking for a cheap and unique place to stay. We chose a cute, old-fashioned room in a beautiful old lodge in East Finchley and it was definitely the right decision. The room was big, the hosts really friendly, the breakfast delicious and the area quiet and not too far away from the next tube station. So if you aren't that much into hotels and open to meet new people you should consider signing up on AirBnB.



Eating in Lonon can be really difficult. Not because there aren't enough beautiful restaurant, but because there is just way too much nice food and it's quite hard to decide what to eat. Since there was a large and tasty breakfast in our BnB we didn't need anything to eat until lunchtime so I can't give you any tips on where to go for breakfast. But for lunch I have got one top tip for you: Londons Streetfood Markets!

We visited at least one a day and the wide range of different and fresh food is just unbelievable. You can get a whole lunch for under 5 pounds and I swear it is going to taste delicious. We tried Flad Bread stuffed with Tomato, Mozzarella, Spinach and other vegetables, Pineapple Chicken and Sunflower Seeds Salad, Empanadas, turkish delicatesses and homemade lemonade for example.

All in all this are my top 5 places to eat: Borough Market, Notting Hill Farmers Market, Covent Garden Market, Pret a Manger and Soho.


What to do:

If it's one of your first times in London a good old sightseeing day is of course the thing to do. We visited the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalag Square, the National Gallery, Picadilly Circus, Harrods and lots of other typical tourist places just because we wanted to see everything at least once.

But apart from the tourist sides of London, what we liked most were definitely the less crowded and less known areas, especially the markets. We really enjoyed just walking around, taking in all the new impressions, finding cute little cafes, taking pictures in front of crazy street art, going into alternative art galleries and checking out second hand stores.

Another thing you shouldn't miss are Londons Parks. To my mind they are one of the things that make London so beautiful because near every large and crowded place there's at least one park, where you can just relax and take a walk. Hyde Park is of course worth a visit and we even rented 2 bikes and drove through the park for 1 hour. When the sun comes out there will be people everywhere, sitting on the grass and enjoying the weather. It's just such a nice and relaxed atmosphere and not just a tourist spot.

Apart from that I can also highly recommend going on Primerose Hill. It's a 20 minutes walk from Camden Market and after going up the little hill you will have a beautiful view over London. We were there in the early evening and there were so many people meeting their friends, picknicking and waiting for the sunset. It was beautiful.

Another thing we did was just getting on a random bus without knowing where it is going to and watching all the crowded places from above. If you buy an Oyster Card for the public transport it won't cost you anything at all and it's a nice way to relax for half an hour and discover new neighborhoods.

My favourite insider tipp is also a thing you have to do if you want to have a nice view over London without spending money. It's the rooftop on a Shopping Centre called One New Change, right behind St Pauls Cathedral. Just take the lifts and you wont have to pay a cent for enjoying a pretty amazing view over London. You can also find some nice restaurants in the building, but for us the breathtaking view was more than enough.

I hope I could give you an idea of how we spent 3 days in London and there were some helpful tipps for you. If you have more insider tipps I would really like to know about them, beacuse I am sure, that this wasn't my last time in London.

Have a beautiful day.