How much money you need for three weeks in Thailand

One of the most frequent questions I get when I show my travels on Instagram is “How can you afford to travel so much?” and in this case especially “How much money do I need for three weeks in Thailand?”. That’s why I thought it might be a cool idea, to give you more detailed insights into about how expensive my Thailand trip was and how much money you need if you want to plan something similar. I also think this is a great way to show you that you don’t need a lot of money to travel to beautiful places as it’s simply a matter of priorities and planning your journey the right way.

How much money you need for three weeks in Thailand

First of all, I’d like to make clear that of course the budget you need depends mostly on your personal preferences, standards and travel style, so the following numbers can only be used as a guideline or orientation. We, for our case, preferred staying in cheap hotels or AirBnBs rather than in hostels and always paid between 10 and 20 Euro per person per night for an air conditioned double room. We tried to keep a good balance between simple Hotels without much service (e.g. Krabi Pitta House in Krabi Town) and some nicer hotels with pool, sea-view and breakfast buffet included (e.g. Cookies Salad Hotel on Koh Phangan). The huge variety of different accommodation options is what makes Thailand one of the best destinations if you’re one a budget as you can pay 3-4 Euro for a Hostel bed for a few days and then decide to stay in a beautiful hotel with an infinity pool for 20 Euro every once in a while. Also, I heard lots of people saying that you get the best prices if you book a room directly at the hotel, but as we only had a limited time we decided to prebook everything via or

Concerning food, it’s almost the same as with the accommodation options. You can pay less than 1 Euro for a Curry with Rice on a street food market or have a pizza by the beach for 8 Euro. It’s all up to you. We again tried to keep a good balance between street food and restaurants, but mostly ate Thai Food as Western Dishes are just way more expensive and not nearly as tasty. Make sure to try Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, every kind of Curry, Sticky Rice with Mango and of course lots of Fresh Fruit Shakes.

Last but not least, the price you pay for transportation can vary as well, but my number 1 tip is definitely not to prebook anything except flights. It’s always cheaper to ask at some travel shop or your hotel reception. As we wanted to safe time we also booked some inland flights and sometimes took a taxi to or from the airport, but of course you can also take the cheaper night train or bus from Bangkok to the South.

Down below you can now find a detailed list of how much money we spent and make sure to have a look at my previous blogpost, to find out about our route.

How much money you need for three weeks in Thailand


450 Euro (Düsseldorf- Abu Dhabi - Bangkok) with Etihad Airways

70 Euro (Bangkok - Krabi and Surat Thani - Bangkok) with Air Asia


200 Euro (see my last blogpost if you want to know where exactly we stayed)


12 Euro (Krabi - Khao Sok Nationalpark) with a shared Minivan

20 Euro (Khao Sok Nationalpark - Koh Phangan) with Bus and Ferry

28 Euro (Koh Tao - Surat Thani Airport) with Ferry and Bus

approx. 20 Euro (Airport Taxi, Shuttle to other beaches, public transport in Bangkok)


180 Euro (if you stick to street food it can be a lot cheaper, but we liked having a fancy bowl, coffee or a pizza every once in a while)


50 Euro (scooter rental, entry fees for temples and waterfalls, shopping)

Total Cost per Person without Flights: 510 Euro

How much money you need for three weeks in Thailand

I hope this was kind of helpful and motivates you to save money and travel Thailand as well. It’s definitely worth it.