One week in New York City - Travel Diary

I don't think there's a city more legendary than New York City. It's one of those places almost everyone has got on their travel-bucketlist so you can probably tell how excited I was to explore the city for one week in October 2016.

In the end I can only say that my high expectations of that time were, however, exceeded by far through reality. As soon as I left the city, I knew that I would definitely need to come back one day. And still overwhelmed by all the impressions, I thought you might be interested in what excactly I did and saw during those seven days and how New York succeeded in amazing me the way it did. So here you go - my favorite places are printed bold and there's a summary at the end of the post.


As always we looked for a place to stay via AirBnB and eventually found an incredibly beautiful apartement in Brooklyn. Exposed brick walls, designer furniture and a fully equipped kitchen made us feel like we're living the real New Yorker lifestyle and it was the perfect place to relax after a long day in the city.


Travel Diary:

Day 1

driving through NYC with a friend's car and getting an idea of the city

  • breakfast in our lovely apartment

  • second breakfast in a cute little cafe just around the corner (cute vintage shops and cafés are literally everywhere you go)

  • strolling through Greenwich Village (lunch in Reggió Cafe)

  • Washington Square Park

  • Shopping at Broadway

  • walking through Central Park (watching celebrations at the John Lennon Memorial)

  • taking pictures across the River in New Jersey (no tourists and the best view of the Skyline)

Day 2

  • taking the metro to downtown and walking through the financial district

  • Ferry to Staten Island (incredible view over Manhattan and Statue of Liberty)

  • Street Food Market at the Broadway (must-do while in NYC - just tooo much awesome food)

  • spending sunset at Dumbo, Brooklyn

Day 3

  • american cheesecake for breakfast

  • Dumbo (brunch at Bluestone Lane Coffee)

  • discovering the Dumbo neighbourhood (cute cafes, vintage stores and photo locations, coolest neighbourhood in NYC)

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • walking over the Brooklyn bridge to Manhattan

  • some shopping in the evening (around Times Square)

Day 4

  • strolling through Soho, Little Italy and the Village

  • The High Line (street art, street food & inspiration everywhere)

  • Top Of The Rock at sunset (No. 1 tourist attraction, but totally worth it - you have to buy tickets in advance)

Day 5

  • Tech Week (digital start up convention - you'll get a taste of the American innovation spirit)

  • eating Burritos

  • walks around the 9/11 Memorial

  • fancy dinner in a Wall Street Bar (you'll feel like a New York City business man/women)

Day 6

  • photo shooting in Soho with Sarah

  • listening to a Jazz band in Central Park

  • Guggenheim Museum

  • Broadway and Dumbo again

Day 7

  • last morning in NYC

  • start of our USA/Canada Roadtrip (detailed blogpost ist following)

Summary of my favorite spots/recommendations:

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