My favorite places in Brisbane, Australia - City Guide

After living in Brisbane for 4 months it's now actually kind of hard for me to say goodbye. Before I arrived  I didn't really know what to expect, but it only took me a few days to fall in love with this beautiful city. In my eyes Brisbane is just generally underrated among other Australian cities although it's probably the most livable one compared to Sydney or Melbourne. 

There's actually so much to see and explore and if you ever get to travel around Australia it's definitely worth a visit. Therefore I thought it might be interesting, if I just share all the well-known tourist spots as well as my own insider tipps on where to go and what to do in a single blogpost. So here comes my ultimate City Guide to beautiful Brissie!

Brisbane, Australia City Guide and Photography


- South Bank (Open Air Cinema, Barbecue)

Probably the favorite place of most people. It's kind of like a big park including a city "beach", pool areas, rainforest, shops, cafes and restaurants and the best part of it is that it's completely free. Make sure to have a look at before you go as there's something on almost every day of the week. Events range from Open Air Cinemas to free yoga sessions or live music and there are also barbecues and picnic areas for public use. 

- Queen Street, Central (Shopping, suitcase flea market)

Queen Street is the main shopping street and it's great to just walk around and have a look at all the different shops. There's also a suitcase flea market on Sundays where backpackers are selling clothes they can't take home for only a few dollars - go get the bargains. 

- King George Square ( Free Clock Tower Tour)

One of my favorite insider tipps is the free Clock Tower Tour at King George square. Only a few people know that you don't have to pay to go up the tower and although it's not the highest building it's definitely worth checking out the view from up there. 

- Roma Street Parklands 

A huge green oasis right in the city centre. Just walk along the tracks, maybe take a picnic lunch and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

- City Botanic Gardens 

I actually went there for the first time only a few weeks ago, but it's definitely worth a visit. You can easily walk there from the city centre and it's a great place to relax and get some cool shots of palm trees in front of the skyscrapers.

- Kangaroo Point (Fotolocation)

If you want to take the perfect touristy Instagram picture don't miss out on Kangaroo Point. You'll get the best views over Brisbane's skyline and the river. It's especially beautiful to walk along the cliffs at sunset. 

Brisbane, Australia City Guide and Photography


Off the beaten track:

- Fortitude Valley

Apart from its vibrant nightlife scene the Valley is also a pretty cool area to walk around during the day. You'll find lots of cute coffee places, alternative shops and urban photography locations. If you're into rooftops, but don't want to pay for the entry to a fancy bar it's also worth going up random parking decks, some of them really offer pretty amazing views over the city. 

- New Farm (Lookout)

Just like in the Valley you're very likely to find lots of hipster places in New Farm. In Spring you'll also find lots of colorful trees in New Farm Park and nothing beats the view from Wilson Outlook Reserve.

- Board Walk from New Farm to Eagle Pier (Story Bridge)

There's barely any shade, so it can get very hot and sunny at midday but it's especially beautiful if you're into getting amazing views over Brisbanes Skyline. 

- Towoong in Stadt walk 

The best place to go for a run, skate or ride your bike in Brisbane. No tourists and stunning views over the river. If I remember it correctly it takes about 3 kilometers until you get into the city.

- Mt coo tha (after sunset)

I was lucky enough to live pretty close to this stunning place. It's rather crowded since it's a very well-known place for sunset-watching, but if you go there right after sunset when the sky turns blue again the whole atmosphere is just getting more and more relaxed. On a clear day it's the best place you can go to watch the stars.

- Eat Street Markets

It's basically a huge food fair with lots of fancy decoration, art work, pretty lights and cool bands playing at night. My absolutely favorite to go to meet friends on the weekend. Make sure to take a ferry from the city and take in the stunning views along the way.

Brisbane City Guide by gretacaptures

Coffee and Food:

- Cafe Felix

It’s located in a small street next to Queen Street and the cutest place to go for a coffee date.

- Suburban West End

Back in Oktober and November they had a special offer where you could get coffee for 1$ on Fridays - so you can probably guess where I went almost every Friday.

- Nodo Donuts 

I went there for a photoshoot and the interior design is just beautiful. Apart from that the iced coffee was by far the best I ever had and as there are also lots of people using Nodo as a workplace, the overall atmosphere is just really relaxed.

- Jimmys on the mall

Everything here is rather expensive, but the food is just excellent. It’s the place where we went for christmas brunch and everyone looooved it.

- Sushi

Sushi is super cheap and yummy almost everywhere.

Brisbane City Guide by gretacaptures